Cold Days, Warm Bread

I’m going to teach myself how to make bread this winter. I’m calling it the ‘Cold Days, Warm Bread’ challenge.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now: learn how to bake wonderful, yeasty, crusty, fabulous artisan breads.

I have tried yeast breads a few times – even going as far as attempting to create my own sourdough starter (a particularly spectacular failure and quite a mess to boot). However, I have never been very successful – even with the one loaf of bread that ‘worked,’ (thank you, Linda!) I can’t say that I’ve ever made any that tasted good. Certainly I haven’t come anywhere near a real understanding of the art and science of baking good bread.

With this challenge, I’m committing to baking at least one loaf of bread each week – good or bad, success or failure.

Join me! Please come along as I stumble my way through the magic of yeasts and fermentation, of proper oven preparation and baking-environment management!

If you, like me, have never tried or have not yet felt successful in your bread baking, maybe you want to bake along? Or if you are an old pro, come along and help out those of us who are learning!

I am partnering on this challenge with the wonderful people at King Arthur Flour! During this challenge, I will have pro tips from their Baking Experts, as well as give-aways (!!!) of their incredible flours and other bread-baking wares. They are starting me off with some wonderful KAF products to begin:

Aren’t they incredible?! It’s no mystery why they are the industry’s leader and favorite for home (and professional) bakers.

I have a few  bread-baking books that I am reading and will be using for my challenge:

These books are beautiful and inspiring! I encourage you to sneak a peek at your local bookstore or library. Not only are they instructive and helpful for a beginner like me, but the pictures are simply delicious and very inspiring.

So again I invite you to join me! Just think about the magic of yeasty, incredible-tasting bread – warm and wonderful on the coming cold winter days and nights.

And best of all, you’ll have baked it yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Cold Days, Warm Bread

  1. Looking forward to this! I’m such a non-bread-baker that even my bread-machine pizza crust the other night failed because I forgot to press “Start.” I have higher hopes for you!

    • Shawn says:

      I think your bread machine is just cowering in fear because of your monster cookie prowess. Maybe it needs a baked-goods version of the “I love you all the same but different(ly)” talk like you give the kids. 😉

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