Although I haven’t mentioned it here yet, a few months ago I started offering some of my handspun and a few possibilities in a little shop on Etsy: MinkRoadMonkeys.

I haven’t done any promoting, just let the thing float. And along the way a thing or two has gone to a new forever home with much joy from me.

Well what do you know, but the wonderful CharmTopia selected this yarn, which I am now calling “Blue Berries”, to be featured in a Treasury List she created “Blueberry Surprise.”

How fun! Please check it out as a way to say ‘thanks’, and also because I’m sure you’ll want to see the pretty blueberry-ish things on her list up close, as well as the really beautiful jewelry in her shop.


3 thoughts on “Featured!

  1. kamcfad says:

    So proud of you, friend! Selling your beautiful wares and sharing the love of your craft with others. Can’t wait to see how this opens new possibilities for you!

  2. MOM says:

    You are moving up Girl! Keep up the good work. Does it break your heart to part with your hard work? It certainly would mine.

    • Shawn says:

      A little – but mostly I feel guilty to have both handspun and milled yarn piling up in my stash. I feel that if someone has a dream for it before I do (or can get to it), that’s what was meant to be!

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