More Color Mysteries

Well, I’ve spun and plied a new color of corriedale pencil roving. This time in a colorway called Watermelon, which I bought from Klaus *in person* over 5 years ago when I went to the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival. This was long, long before I had a wheel, even before I had a spindle.  But I knew I was destined to spin, so I bought it (and others) anyway!

Totally smart move.

I bought this color because at the show, Klaus had both a pair of socks knit from handspun in this colorway, as well as a sweater knit on size HUGE needles using the roving straight, like ultramegabulky weight yarn.

First, I think after viewing my 3-ply that the socks at the show all those years ago were knit from 2-ply. The final yarn was still about the same diameter/wpi, but I remember it being more nubby and much less regular. Also the colors were less muddy.

Totally interesting to me that one half of the final yarn ended up green predom, and the other half pink predom. And not just kind of, but In a Big Way. At least it appeared so during the soak.

But now that the two skeins have had time to dry out and puff up just a tiny amount, the color differences between the two are still there but seem less distinct.

Particularly in the sun, which just came out after a day of quickly changing snow, rain, sleet, and wind (all that was missing were locusts and frogs). So I ran outside while I could to snap a few pictures in bright, sparkling-clean light.

I’m liking it more in the sunshine. Much more.

Here’s to sunshine!


5 thoughts on “More Color Mysteries

  1. stitchcrazy says:

    Lovely…I wish I could find a spinning wheel.

    • Shawn says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, used ones (that aren’t ancient and missing pieces) are hard to find for much less than the new purchase price. good luck!

  2. MOM says:

    Love the colors. MOM

  3. darciad says:

    I can see why you fell for this colorway! Beautiful!

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