Cool or Fool?

“Cool or Fool?”

That’s a phrase the Captain and I use a lot. We know full well that we fall outside the norms of modern-day society and expectations, but at times we get pretty far into the deep end of our hobbies and passions, and we’re not quite sure whether what we’re doing is all Kitschy-cool and hipster rad, or just plain weirdo foolish. Hence Cool and Fool.

With what’s in this big shipping bag, I’m pretty sure I’m walking the line. I’m not sure exactly where I fall.

I leave it to your feedback to inform my final decision. In the meantime, I’m happy as a clam, and as excited as Benny when the T-Bone snausage snacks come out.

I have a fleece!

This is a Jacob fleece, to be precise.

I got it off of ebay for $20, from an organic farm in Virginia. Isn’t it pretty? 

Raw (unwashed) wool, 3 pounds of it. Dirt and hay and lanolin and sheepy smell.

Look at the beautiful crimp on those locks!

I love it. Possibly more than the pups, who were mighty fascinated. (And sequestered for their own safety and my sanity.)

Whachoo doin’, Momma!?!

A lone lock.


 In the wind I hear a whisper: S p i n M e


For any of you who have purchased a raw fleece before, should I be happy with this one? Sad?

Where does it lie within your spectrum of ‘A Good Fleece’?

So – Cool or Fool?


6 thoughts on “Cool or Fool?

  1. MOM says:

    You’ll know just as soon as you try to work with it! Looks like something I’d like to stick my hands in and swish it all around. Does it feel warmish and smooth or cold and tacky?

  2. Katie Ann says:

    SO COOL, friend. Beaufiul colors and textures, and you get the satisfaction of coaxing it from its wild and raw form to something controled and wearable. Looks like you have quite a bit to experiment with, too! How could that NOT be cool??
    (What’s your first project going to be?)

  3. OhioYarnFarmer says:

    If you’re happy with it, I’m thinking it’s cool! 😀 I have a Shetland fleece that has been lying around for a while waiting for me to clean it up and work with it. I’m tempted to dive in and spin it up straight “from the grease”, but with Shetlands having double to intermediate coats with so much variation within each fleece, I think I need to do a bit of sorting, etc. first. This may or may not end well, since I have so little experience with this sort of thing. Ah well. It’s valuable practice, right?

    • Shawn says:

      Well you know what they say – spin in the grease, repent in leisure. Oh, wait – isn’t that a different metaphor? 🙂 Shetland is gorgeous. That is some heavy-duty fiber. I am looking forward to reading about what you do with it! Dive in, and good luck!

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