Bamboo Pattern Scarf

During the holidays, one of the many fun books I looked at was Nature’s Wrapture by Sheryl Thies.

It had a few patterns that looked like they would be nice to knit. One in particular, the Chunky Bamboo scarf, caught my eye. I really liked the broken rib that resulted in a fabric that did look just like tall-growing bamboo! I wasn’t sure what yarn to use, but then remembered this in the stash

and decided to give it a whirl. Noro Silk Garden Sock, color S279.

I started in early January, beginning on an airplane flight to visit a friend in Florida. I knit more there and on the way home, and through the next month and a half. Here’s where it was at in early February.

I wanted to lighten up the colors a bit… Noro can be rather intense. Fortunately the way the color patterning fell on these two skeins, I was able to splice in a few extra bands of neutrals in two different places in the scarf.

I loved knitting with this yarn. The slubs of silk really pop as they are knit, and it’s fun to see how the color bands flow into one another and how the wool and silk and whatever other bits are in there all combine to make a finished fabric that is unique to Noro.


3 thoughts on “Bamboo Pattern Scarf

  1. MOM says:

    I loved the color combinations, good idea to add in some neutrals. It has been a long time since I’ve knit a scarf, too busy with preemie caps and mittens for toddlers. And besides that, my daughter tells me I have the wrong kinds of yarn!! My daughter yet! This from the mother who has knitted for nearly 60 years (love you lots though even if you know more than me!) MOM

  2. Katie Ann says:

    The striping and texture in this is so pretty! Even after you gave us that lesson in how colors can be calculatedly pieced together and spun, I’m still amazed that you were able to get the colors to form such exact stripes!

    Does this feel as soft as it looks??

    • Shawn says:

      Thank you, sweet friend! The scarf is light and bouncy. Fluffy, almost. It is pretty soft, but I’m wondering if a soak in warm water with just a touch of hair conditioner might make it even moreso. We’ll see if it needs it.

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