1 Roving 3 Ways

Back in 2006 (I am surprised it’s been 5+ years already), I bought my first spinning fiber online from the fabulous Ms. Adrian Bazilia of HelloYarn! This was 4oz of Blue-faced Leicester, hand-dyed in Adrian’s signature high-contrast style. The colorway is Glacees.

Can’t you just see the candied cherries in a lovely glass dessert dish?  Lovely golden and bright pink-red pie cherries, all shined and smelling of sweet sugar-syrup? Delicious!

Or maybe like this gorgeous pie?
(Image slurped from Welcome to my Random Garden, please go visit in thanks for the pic)

This was the first fiber I spun from real top roving, and only the second thing I ever spun. (The first was Limeade corriedale pencil roving from Klaus at Crown Mountain Farms, wonderfully light and tiny – no pre-drafting required) At first, I was completely mystified by how to spin across what looked to me like a huge wad of fiber. Also, the BFL was so fine and soft… it spun very differently from the slightly coarser corridale.

As a result, I spun little bits of fiber onto several bobbins, each trying different methods and thicknesses. This was long before I had started researching and learning about proper ways on How to Spin, so most of those bobbins were just full of mess.

Loving the fiber, but flustered by the results, I re-bagged the wool and shoved it and the assorted bobbins into a fabric-lined wicker basket where they sat for years.

Lately, though, I’ve been trying to gather up empty spinning bobbins so I can start some new projects, and also pulling together all my fiber-stuff from the various places around the house where they’ve been loitering: under the bed, in the sewing cabinet, in a big plastic storage bin… you get the idea. In doing this, I came across all the bobbins filled with scant bits of Glacee on them.

It was time to finish up!

First up, I wanted to make a 3-ply but felt like using all Glacee might muddy the colors. So I spun a little ½oz sample of Polwarth I received from Corgi Hill Farm to match bits of Glacee I had on two bobbins. Then I took the remaining ~2oz of Glacee and spun onto those two bobbins, attempting to match gauge and twist. Then I plied all of these together to get this:

I’m calling it Golden Candy Stripe.

slurped from YouWereNeverLovlier on WordPress


Next I took what was still on the bobbins of the two finely-spun plies and put them together:

Finally, I just wound off a thick-and-thin singles from a lonely bobbin:

There were a few random bits of whatever left, most of them went into the trash. I was happy enough with my results:

Next up: Aster from Dicentra Designs! Starting today.


One thought on “1 Roving 3 Ways

  1. Katie Ann says:

    I LOVE those colors! And the contrast of the different widths and textures is very pleasing. Almost like you planned it that way! 😉

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