Two-year Tweed

Well, at least I can say that there’s one less project underway then when I wrote yesterday’s post. I give you the Two-year Tweed Hat and Scarf Set, an adventure in long-hibernating knit projects.

A brief calendar of events in the life of the Two-year Tweed:

January 2010: I feel a deep, driving desire for a white winter scarf. (I had seen a picture of one – a tweedy white scarf draped over a cast-iron fence in a frosty autumn setting – and decided I loved it.) Attempt to ignore desire for two weeks but am defeated. Decide I must make scarf despite 237 projects already on the needles and/or in queue. Too cheap to buy the pattern, but reasoned I was smart enough to figure out how to knit cables… it’s all knitting and purling, right? How hard could it be? Went to Great Yarns! and bought 3 skeins of Cascade 220 tweed. Realized I couldn’t figure out how to cable from thin air, locate excellent free pattern Mom’s Cabled Scarf and dive in. Knit 2/3 of  scarf.

June 2010: Decide I don’t need any more stand-alone scarves, which means I want a hat to match this one. Set about looking for a hat pattern that would match. Select Katherine Hat as a ‘close enough’ pattern, cast on. Knit 10 rows of ribbing. Stop because I want to elongate larger cable and am not quite sure how to proceed.

January 2011: Pull 2/3 finished scarf and the hat ribbing out of the cabinet where it had been sitting for about 6 months. Finished knitting scarf body. Knit a few rows on hat. Comment sarcastically on Ravelry on Jan 17 that it would be nice to finish project before a year had gone by. Backfires, stop working on project.

November 2011: Finish knitting all of hat except last few rows of decreases because I can’t figure out a good way to decrease without totally hoarking up the cables pattern. Make another wry comment on Ravelry about finishing set before Thanksgiving. Am obviously a slow learner regarding sarcasm’s effect on productivity.

December 2011: (see final sentence in entry above)

January 2012:  Finally finished last 6 rows of hat. Turns out it wasn’t that hard. Started wearing hat. Conveniently ‘forget’ about scarf for a full three weeks. Finally weave in ends on scarf. Get compliment on ‘toque’ from friend! Contemplate putting  big fat tassel on hat to match planned but non-existent scarf fringe. Don’t do either.

January 30, 2012: While waiting on the phone, on hold by a government agency that shall remain un-named (I’m looking at you, FAA), I pull out my trusty John Denver CD case and wrap the last bit of one of the now-ratty balls of 220 around it. Don’t care much about precision. Cut off fringe and add with overhand knots. Decide scarf with fringe is lovely and wonder why I didn’t finish it 1.75 years ago.


2 thoughts on “Two-year Tweed

  1. Katie Ann says:

    Ha! Your 6 month timelapse method describes pretty much all of my projects to date, only I rarely get to the finish line. It is all about the journey, right? 😉

    Way-to-go on finishing both pieces! They look absolutely lovely. (And you still have enough winter to get some use out of them this year–yay!)

  2. MOM says:

    Congrats on getting the scarf done to go with the hat! Loved the hat on you when you were down last week. Maybe next year I’ll get to see the scarf.

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