Of the Past

I’ve alwasys been intrigued by antique things, and lately I’ve been completely fascinated with needle work elements and paper ephemera.

The Christmas postcard I showed last month is an example of this, and yesterday I found a few more cards at an antique shop that must have wonderful stories behind them.

Here are a few (click on any image to enlarge).

A work-a-day note from a sweet girl to her aunt:

Butler MO, May 25, 1920

Dear Aunt Mary: How are you and the rest of the folks. We are well. The folks got home all right and were were sure glad to see them. I was glad to turn over some of this work to them. Ha! Ha! We got along just fine though. We washed yesterday, and Flora and I are a going to iron this morning. Ma and Floyd are hoeing in the garden. Aunt Lena is out talking to them over the fence. Pa and Herb are dragging roads. Its a foggy morning now, but the sun came up bright this morning. I am certainly proud of my presents, and many thanks for them. I never expected any present but I think the dish is a beauty.

With love, From Nellie

Write often

And this charming little missive: 

To: Miss Mable Dunn

Hope you had a nice time in Auburn. Please write me a little soon as I am a lonesome little Boy.


Along with those charming cards, I lately discovered the enchanting collections of MillineryMiss (http://www.etsy.com/shop/millinerymiss).

I don’t know if these baskets are truly the actual baskets of the people she describes, or whether she’s created the provenance for each… No matter, her baskets have sparked me into imagining lives and stories for Nellie and Aunt Mary, and especially Mr. A.Q.T. and Miss Mable Dunn.


2 thoughts on “Of the Past

  1. MOM says:

    You know you could really write some interesting stories from the likes of those postcards. (I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting). Luv U.

  2. Katie Ann says:

    What a sweet way to start the week! Thanks for sharing, friend. 🙂

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