Maybe Not Awful

So I finally finished spinning the singles of the Stonehenge corriedale pencil roving on Wednesday night. I used one third to spin a bobbin full of ultra-fine cobweb weight, which I’m going to leave as a single and use for lace.

The ply is tiny and I’m so pleased with it. I have yet to wind it off the bobbin and into a skein.

The other two thirds I spun into light fingering weight singles, with the intention to 2-ply into a somewhat sproingy DK weight – about the same as KnitPicks Palette, but with a slightly tighter ply. I was curious to see what happened in the plying process because the two bobbins were pretty different in the colors they held (for several hundred yards, not just the top layers).

One is full of spring-crocus lavender, deep plums, and lichen greens.

The other full of mossy yellow-green, slate grey, and black.

This was working technically OK after the first 25 yards or so to figure out the tension, speed, and draw I needed. As I spun, though, I really felt that the resulting color combinations looked awful. Somehow a yellow-red color kept coming up. It looked plum in the single, but wherever it was getting combined with another color in the plying, the color symmetry was changing it into a much more orange hue.

As the plied yarn spun continued to spin up, I became increasingly doubtful of it’s pleasingness-ability in a knit fabric. After about 90 minutes of plying, I overspun and both plies came apart on me. It seemed like a higher power was encouraging me to stop for the night, so I took the hint, gladly setting it all aside since it just didn’t feel like it was coming together.

This afternoon I decided to wind off onto my Niddy Noddy and see if that made any difference.

It did!

Although things still look a little muddy to me, this structure – which will more closely represent the color distribution when knit – looks so much better. It might not be so awful after all. I think I’ll go on.


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