A Little Change of Plan


Right after I got everything organized and launched for the Cold Days, Warm Bread fun, I got a bit of news from the Dr. that means that a winter spent with bread would not be a good idea!

So, unfortunately, no Warm Bread this winter. But, I’m still going to be making cheese and focusing even more on fibery things! The Kitchen Monkeys are almost done, just the toes left to knit and graft closed. And I’ve set my wheel back up and am spinning away on the Stonehenge corriedale. The colors are fascinating and I can’t wait to see what this looks like in a 2-ply.

There are two color sections; one is greys, blacks, and mossy-olive greens; the other is lavender-mauve and lichen colors.

I took this picture in B&W because that’s supposed to help show the color values – this shows that for the purple/lichen section, the color values are very similar and in the middle of the road. (This is also a handy technique for quilting, to see how your colors vary – or not – across the quilt.)

As you can see, my Supervisor was nearby and ready to stick his nose into my business (literally) if I sped up or down too much for his liking.


2 thoughts on “A Little Change of Plan

  1. MOM says:

    Now is that a jacket I see on him in the house?!!! We’ll be not treating him so well. All I can really see is a little stump of a tail. I’ll bet his buddy is outside freezing his tail off. Love the colors, all my favorites. Enjoy your new project, it’s time for those kitchen monkeys to go climb a tree.

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