It’s been several days since my last post; it feels like a time both brief and lengthy. The weather has been wonderful here – warm and sunny, and unseasonably so. I feel like every minute of this sunshine is a particularly precious gift and I have been savoring the light, colors, and warmth as much as possible – stocking up for the long, grey, chill winter to come.

For days I’ve been out in the yard working and messing about. There has been a big bonfire, just like this one.

There has been much chopping of wood.

There has been much pulling and cutting of undergrowth.  (I’m so awful at remembering to take ‘before’ pictures. Here’s a ‘midway’ picture.) Before we started cutting down the salal and stickerbushes, this hill was even more overgrown and dense than the other side of the stairs.

Today I was completely enchanted with the play of golden afternoon sunlight on foliage around the yard. I couldn’t get enough of it.

On the woodpile, too. One little ray lit up one little piece. Lovely.

Nights have been chilly and we spend them eating lovely autumn-y meals, snuggling on the couch with a pack of puppies, and (well, for me at least) knitting away.

(As I look at this picture, it doesn’t seem that I’m much further along since this debaucle. But trust me – those foot rows on both socks – AND extended heel flaps – major victory!)


As I’ve been enjoying all this, I’ve been excitedly anticipating the arrival of something here at our home. Today it arrived while I was out, and I was so very, very excited to see this when I arrived home.

Tomorrow I have many fun things to share with you – and to invite you to join me in!

Here’s a little preview:

More to come tomorrow!


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