Today was a classic Autumn day in the Pacific Northwest –  a foggy and misty morning, clouds, brief sunbreaks, and wind. One of those days where, if you didn’t like the weather, all you had to do was wait five minutes… for it would surely change.

But thankfully it wasn’t raining! So I decided to put in a few rounds on the Kitchen Monkeys out in the fresh air, in one of my favorite places to sit:

Downstairs I went with my socks in their trusty ziplock bag, my snuggly lap-sized down throw to fend of the fresh breezes, and a cup of hot tea.

Ah. Quite wonderful.

I was knitting along, finally making good headway after this, and this. When all of a sudden, a brisk puff of wind came along and scattered my pattern papers to the decking and blew my trusty ziplock right off my lap.

And over the edge.

This edge:


I was making pretty good time on those socks. Good enough time that I didn’t want to stop… because it seems like every time I do stop working on these things, I discover some new problem. I must also admit that I was too lazy to get up and out-from-under my warm blanket, go down two flights of stairs, and up that slippery, wet, steep little hill to get that bag.

By the time I was ready to go back upstairs, I had, of course, forgotten all about it.

Four hours later, I opened the front door to this sight:

Graciously, my Knight had accepted the quest, and restored to me my once lost-and-forgotten Heraldic Flag.

He didn’t even leave slobber marks.

What a Good Boy.


2 thoughts on “Chivalry

  1. Katie Ann says:


  2. Michelle says:

    Your back porch is GORGEOUS!!! What an amazing spot to knit, read, or relax! Absolutely beautiful!

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