Poochy Around the Middle

Regardless of what else that title may refer to, today I am talking about my socks.

More than once, I have had an issue with my hand-knitted socks being pretty poochy-slouchy around the ankles. The first time it happened, I chalked it up to a bad pattern. The second time, I figured it must have been that I didn’t knit the ankles tight enough.

(The picture above is pooch #2)

The third time (definitely not a charm), I am realizing that I am just knitting it wrong.

(While not quite as bad as poochy socks #2, the Kitchen Monkeys still don’t fit at all ‘right’)

This pooch issue has thrown a full on monkey wrench (see what I did there!?) into my knitting. It’s blocked me on the KMs, and since I know I have to fix them I feel guilty if I’m knitting on anything else. So my mom’s Angelberry? On hold. My Ishbel scarf? Hibernating. Everything else? Don’t even remember what or where it is. I have got to solve this and move on because it is seriously tanking my knitting mojo.

I think that the problem is that I have been knitting a heel flap that is far too short, and therefore cheating my heel out of the length it needs to save itself from pooch. So on the Kitchen Monkeys, I’ve frogged back one sock to the heel flap and I’m having another go, adding about another ¾ inch to the overall flap length.

I’ll be back later with a report on whether this solved the issue. I’m also going trolling on Ravelry to see if anyone can help me. If YOU know the answer, please speak out in the comments and save my sad socks!

Edited to add:

Yes, I think my guess was right.  I need a longer heel flap.


One thought on “Poochy Around the Middle

  1. MOM says:

    Now I have to say something about those socks!!!! You now know why I only knitted (correct?) one pair of socks in my whole life. Need I say more. Get help from the experts! That is way too frustrating for all the time put into them.

    Next, I have to say something about the freezer jam. Don’t you remember that is the only way I made it the last 10 years of canning? I always thought the color and flavor was so much better than any of the other methods.

    Finally, about the ribs…Your dad had the best ribs when he was done cooking them that I have ever eaten. We should have sat down one day and just wrote down the process as he went through it. I doubt we’ll ever be able to duplicate it. But, if anyone can, it will be you! How about buying a charcoal grill for the ribs?

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