Mixed Reviews

Still working on that big box of Granny Smith apples. Yesterday I put up 6 quarts of “Nebraska’s apple pie filling” from Putting Food By.

I used 1T of cinnamon instead of 2t., so that was just a touch extra. This was a mistake, though, I expect – the sauce when I tried it tastes almost of hot cinnamon candy. Also, there was so much goo that there is not much apple per quart jar. I had a full pint of extra cinnamon sauce, which I also processed. I think it might be good on pancakes, cake, or ice cream.

I had one two seals fail – my first ever! One of them is the jar on the left in the picture above, which is the same jar in the picture below.

I’ll be making this into a pie in the next few days so I can tell for certain… but I expect that this one is going to be last place on the list of things I’ve canned. Oh wait – no, it will be second to last. Nothing will ever be worse than the “Pickled Cauliflower” from Well Preserved. That was nasty.



2 thoughts on “Mixed Reviews

  1. Katie Ann says:

    I’ve had the same trouble with canned pie fillings! Way too much goo per jar. I gave it up in favor of frozen fillings. That’s the only way I do pie fillings now.

    Anybody have any clue with what’s up with the extra goo? I’d love to try canned fillings again but I’ve been scared off.

    • Shawn says:

      Seriously. Hate the goo. I am going to try a similar recipe (using tapioca like this one did) for sour cherry pie filling. I’m going to cut the goo in half, keep the fruit the same. Then see what happens. I am totally thumbs down on this process (plus my whole kitchen is covered in what looks and feels like slug slime) and will go back to “Well Preserved”‘s spiced apples, which I looooooove. I am willing to change my mind after the Experimental Pie, but right now I feel like it was a huge wast of 10lbs of apples and a half-dozen of my prized wide-mouth quart jars. Boo!

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