Playtime at the Dunes

If you are a regular reader here at CI, you may have deduced by now that the Captain is the adventurer and I am the homebody.

Well, that is mostly true. I do love my needlecrafts and home-making, to be sure. But I also have a crazy streak that extends to rally-type driving and anything that includes black powder and blows up. Sometimes I get far too entrenched in my home mindset; that’s where the Captain is awesome, often giving me a kick in the behind to get back outside (meaning outside our own yard) and go have FUN!

(On a quick aside and as a point of example, when I started this post and was looking for the Category to post it in, I had to make a new one because none of them were dedicated to just being silly…)

To that end, and to spend some much-needed time together after the Great Hawaii Crossing of 2011, the four of us packed up all our stuff last weekend and headed to Pothole Dunes in Moses Lake. Here’s a little taste:

Home Sweet Home

View from ‘the porch’ – a little inlet of Moses Lake

The Dunes, with Pothole Lake in the distance to the left

The Captain with the rigs, Pothole Lake in the background

Who caught better air? That’s right!

High-speed donuts

The weather was AWESOME – high 80s and bright sun every day. Sunsets were beautiful, alas, no pictures of them. The pups had a great time. Gunner is the best Camp Dog ever.

When Benny got hot, he’d flop down on his belly with the water bowl between his paws, then with a most superior yet lackadaisical attitude, take one lap of water every few seconds.             Slurp…..         Slurp…….          sssssssSlurp…….          Hilarious.

When that failed to amuse him, he’d knock over the water bowl and then plop his belly down in the wet sand. Benny might be dumb, but he ain’t stupid. ;- )


3 thoughts on “Playtime at the Dunes

  1. I was amused in the last photo you posted here, at first glance I thought it was a big rabbit. Lol I’m looking forward now to visit Dunes too.

  2. MOM says:

    Looks like all four of you were having a great time–I’m almost jealous!

  3. Penny says:

    Looks as though everyone had a grand time!

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