Treading water

As Tom sails closer to home I find I’m becoming highly distractable, and that it’s taking effort on my part to stay focused on anything for longer than 7 minutes.

I started to fight it, but then gave into the random and decided to get out of the house today. Maybe go to the bookstore, maybe go see HP7. It didn’t really matter as long as it was fun, bright (still raining and dark grey outside), warm (people, I had to turn on the HEAT IN MY CAR this morning because it was so cold and damp).

About 5 minutes after I left the house I got a phone call. That phone call turned into a trip this afternoon to – of all places – Tom’s work to see if I could help them with some technical content planning.

Well. That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I left the house, but it definitely fit the bill. Plus, it got me within shouting distance of a great yarn store, Main Street Yarns, in Mill Creek. I needed some stuff, and MSY was sure to have it.

If the Yarn Harlot has tape measure issues, I have row counter issues. I have several in the house, and I think only one is actually in use on an in-progress project right now. And I’ve come to realize that I really, REALLY need a row counter for the Angelberry Stole because the yarn is dark and the rows look very alike when knitted, and I just don’t want to spend 1/3 of my knitting time counting and recounting stitches.

Speaking of the Angelberry, here are a few pictures from the frog and re-casting party:

Very very possibly far too small:

New chain for provisional cast on, about 1/2 the stitches knit on:

Oh yes. That’s much better:

So in to MSY I went, just to pick up a row counter and some plain stitch markers. In ‘n Out. Famous last words, right?

I found a new (to me) sock yarn, hand dyed by an indie local right here in Seattle. Her name is Valerie DiPietro, her craft Actual Size Creations. I was hooked from the first sentence of her bio: “I am a cytogeneticist by day and knitter by night. Occasionally on weekends you
can find me as a pirate.”

The first thing I found was Squark (S-quark) sock yarn – like the malabrigio with 2% real silver tinsel. Then I saw this: Electron.
It is superwash. Me likey a LOT. Colorway is Crocus.


But I must finish a few things before I start on that bit of lovely. Like the Kitchen Monkeys. I’m no further on them than yesterday, but at least today I have a picture for you:

Have a good Tuesday evening!


One thought on “Treading water

  1. MOM says:

    You must be busy since Tom’s arrival home, no new news. I love the crocus yarn. I mean I really love it. Beautiful colors. Can hardly wait to see your pair of socks made from it. Let’s see now, knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing…what is there left for new hobbies? Beading, but I think you already tried that also. Luv U, Mom

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