Stockings and Scoundrels

Well, I’m going to call it ‘close enough’ for the header and let ‘er roll. I love this new theme, WordPress has been an awesome blog-hosting tool!

But on to business –


Back in April, I started these lovely stockings:

I have loved knitting with this colorway, called ‘Olympic Rainforest.’ It’s from Hazel Knits.

As I was working on the feet, the colors weren’t pooling too badly, but the resulting fabric didn’t really look as pretty as the yarn did in the skein. So I decided to look for a pattern for the leg that might break up the stripes. I was reading Yarn Harlot and she was dealing with a pair of sock that were pooling horribly. Her solution was a pattern called ‘Everybody Out of the Pool’ – a name that totally cracked me up. I didn’t need the whole pattern and didn’t want to buy it just for the anti-pooling, so I took a very good look in the Ravelry database at what others had done with the pattern and it seemed like it was a simple 3-row slipped stitch. I decided to give it a whirl and was so pleased to get this:

Aren’t they pretty? I love these socks.

Well, I managed to finish the pair in exactly 4 months: April 12 to July 12. That’s the fastest I’ve ever knit a full pair from start to finish. I think working both at the same time made a huge difference. Nothing (knitting wise) is worse than the glory of finishing one sock, in all it’s newness and beauty, and then having to slog through it’s mate where nothing new is there to surprise or enchant. This two-at-a-time deal is my new favorite.

So, the minute I’d finished sewing-in the ends (even before I’d taken pictures), out came new yarn that was next in my sock queue:

That’s ShiBui Knits Staccato yarn in the colorway ’50s Kitchen.’ It’s got a bit of silk in it, and the shine and feel of the yarn is not even kind-of captured in these photos. It’s lustrous and a little bit slick-feeling, with a sheen of polished brushed-metal. It seems like every yarn I knit with lately is more wonderful than the last! This treasure, which I bought at Knit|Purl (possibly my favorite yarn shop in the world) in Portland January 2010, is a joy.

I definitely wanted to do a leg pattern with these socks, too, to really highlight the colors. I pulled out a pattern I’ve been wanting to do for a while, Monkey by the incredible Cookie A.

And my ‘Kitchen Monkeys’ are underway!:


There has been some SERIOUS scoundrelization going on around here lately. Let me show you:

My mom and I have been conducting a contest to see who has the lawn most destroyed by moles by the end of the summer. Although she was catching up for a while, I do believe I am now kicking her butt.


Here is Mr. Mole’s front porch.

Next to that is a picture of a perfectly good baby pie cherry, just one of many that the crows are plucking off the trees and throwing on the ground.


Here we have the lone apple that managed to get pollinated. Yes, that is a worm hole.

Next we have powdery mildew on my geraniums… which I just planted less than a month ago. Thank you, Puget Sound weather. (BTW for those of you living away, the forecast for the next 10 days is exactly the same: high sixties for the temperature’s high, overcast, chance of rain. Awesome.)

And finally, the worst scoundrels of all.

Don’t let the happy faces fool you or suck you in. This is about 150lbs of Big Trouble (note caps) right here.

And the hands-down worst offender is….

… I’m certain that no one is surprised.


One thought on “Stockings and Scoundrels

  1. Lindy says:

    Love the new header and look! Always great to get an update on what you’re up to.

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