Coming up for air (?)

In the aftermath of getting the crew off to Hawaii, I’ve not managed to ‘do’ much around here, other than clean up our messy house a bit and order more fiber to spin.

What’s that? You want to see the fiber? Oh! Let me indulge you!!

Currently on the wheel, corriedale pencil roving in Stonehenge, which I’m planning for a 2-ply heavy laceweight to make a shawl:

And the new stuff…

Super-soft Cormo top, in 2 colors. First is ‘Clapping with One Hand’, which is also a colorway called ‘Sailing’ when Klaus dyes it on merino.

This colorway is ‘Hittite Kingdom’ and reminds me of bronzy (heh) late summer dahlias:

Next up is 16oz of superwash merino, which I intend to 3-ply to a sport weight for a February Lady sweater:

Last but not least, something new! Flax!

This is just a small 4oz, which I got to see if I like spinning flax on this wheel. After seeing it, I truly understand the phrase ‘flaxen hair’ – this flax, which has been water retted (the process for breaking down the flax fibers so they can be spun), looks exactly like long, ash-blonde hair.

I’m trying this out to see if I might spin my own yarn for a Liesl, a pattern I bought last summer but have never found yarn that I like that is less than $130 for this sweater.

And if you haven’t checked out Google today, give it a look. (here’s mine:


2 thoughts on “Coming up for air (?)

  1. MOM says:

    Would love to see the pattern pictures of the items you have mentioned you plan to make with what you are spinning. That would be fun. Love the colors, they are so you. Luv U, M

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