Despite earlier claims, I have to say this year’s weather is getting on my nerves.

Yesterday, June 1, was as dark and wet as any day in February. Thank goodness the temperatures have warmed up so we at least get into the high 50s during the day.

A picture taken at noon yesterday:

Wetness = lots
Sunlight = not lots

Today started out even darker and wetter than yesterday, but as I type there is a patch of blue sky right above the house and through it is streaming down bright sunlight. The yard is glowing, clean and bright, in the golden light.

However, every other bit of sky I can see from my desk is dark grey. I’m hoping that the blue expands and takes over soon!

(Alas… in the time it’s taken to prep the picture above and add it to this post, the sun has disappeared….)

Happy Thursday, and whenever and where ever you are reading this, I hope your skies are blue!


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