Love + Kitchen

On this Valentine’s Day, it is wet and dreary without, but bright and warm within here at CI. tradition is to make a wonderful meal at home, and to spend the night together to the exclusion of the rest of the world!

The menu changes every year, according to the whims of the Kitchen Mystic. We’re having rack of lamb for dinner tonight. I purchased a beautiful rack from Whole Foods and at mid-day put together the herb paste that will surround and soak every bit of that wonderful cut.

I am not a big fan of rosemary. It is often too strong and overpowering for me, and so I tend not to use it. This is true in general and in recipes that specifically call for it. But… this herb paste has a whole collection of lovely things in it, including rosemary, so I bought some fresh stems for tonight’s dinner.

And let me tell you: I now understand why it is “parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.” Those herbs, along with a bit of oregano, a heady amount of minced garlic, and some extra-virgin olive oil combined to make a velvety emerald paste that I spread upon the lamb. Oh my, does it smell incredible. I was salivating as I was mixing everything together, and even more so as I slathered the aromatic paste across every bit of surface I could find.

Everything’s set to soak until grilling time tonight. I can hardly wait. The Captain will love it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


4 thoughts on “Love + Kitchen

  1. Stephanie says:

    OH! This looks fantastic! I can smell and taste it as I type this!

    Happy Valentines to you!!

    • Shawn says:

      I love it! You, know, I was thinking of you and Mike as I was mincing herbs and taking the pictures. Hugs and kisses to you all! Say hi to Lump for me!

  2. MOM says:

    Compared to my “hamburger soup” I think I’m very jealous of my daughter.

  3. Stephanie says:

    That’s funny because we were thinking of you yesterday too! You came up in conversation….of course it was a conversation centered around food! And you being one of our favorite fellow foodies, made it into our food dialogue.

    XOXO back at ya!

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