Sunshine Days

Over-wintered primroses that have bloomed in the last week. I took this picture during the last hour of golden sunshine this afternoon.

Despite my bold claim that winter is not, in fact, the boss of me. I am realizing how much the grey and wet has been affecting me for the past few months. All I’ve really wanted to do is curl up with a big ball of wool yarn and knit or crochet till my fingers fall off. However, the laundry doesn’t do itself (someone needs to get on that problem, STAT), so everything seems to be moving along more slowly than I’d like.

Particularly when distractions like the last few days have come along: SUNSHINE! Two days of sun and light have been just wonderful, and the boys and I have been outside every afternoon working in the yard.

Cleaning up a winter’s worth of dropped cedar branches and doug fir cones. My Supervisor watches from the top of the driveway to ensure all work is done correctly.

This co-worker appeared to be worried about my job security, since he spent most of the last 24 hours re-distributing sticks around the yard from the piles I’d raked.

It felt very good to get outside and work in the yard, to take a look at the earth and to see where buds are setting in anticipation of warmer weather and longer days. It’s much too early to garden in earnest, or even for me to disturb the soil much by removing mulch or pulling too many weeds; more cold and rain always comes before the end of February. But doing this bit of clean-up was just what I needed to get re-acquainted with my shrubs and moss and bits of earth. It’s been a fabulous few Sunshine Days.


One thought on “Sunshine Days

  1. MOM says:

    Second picture of primroses was my favorite. I’m just heading out to find me a few to spur on spring.

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