Pleasant Distraction

I’ve been very busy with home and work projects since the start of the year, so it was nice to unplug my brain this weekend and simply mess about. It was wet and grey and blustery outside, so what better excuse to get on Ravelry and update my stash?

Ravelry Login

I tell you, this was a wonderfully distracting endeavor this weekend. With a cup of hot coffee or tea at the ready, and my trusty Canon PowerShot, I went through nearly all of my yarn and got it catalogued and photographed. Whew!

This was such fun! I was reminded how many lovely things are tucked away in my cabinets and baskets.

Sheep Feet in 'Lilac', by Sheep Shop Yarn Co.


I made friends again with long-forgotten skeins that had grown lonely and neglected.

Habu textiles, incredibly gorgeous fiber

I learned (as I had a sneaking suspicion) that I have more sock yarn than I will knit in a lifetime.

evidence of too much sock yarn

I also confirmed that about 80% of my stash is fingering gauge or smaller, so it’s no wonder that projects take a while to get done.

And the whole endeavor was a perfect level of engaging: I had lots to keep my mind occupied between pulling yarn, entering info onto th website, and taking and formatting pictures. It was just what I needed so I could ignore the increasingly yucky weather outside… because who cares about rain when you’re fondling a beautiful skein of Koigu Mori??

Koigu Mori: 50% merino, 50% silk - you can see the silk's sheen

Mmm Koigu. Delicious!

I also found some abandoned projects I’d forgotten about.

Noro Kureyon Sock - Turned out to be a little too bold in color changes for me, and hard to love once I found Noro's Silk Garden Sock.

And took pictures of completed knitting to include with the stash archives.

Cuffs knit with the Jade Sapphire (silk/cashmere laceweight) shown in the stash screenshot

If you’re a knitter and you haven’t yet discovered Ravelry, I encourage you to check it out. It’s free to sign up, and there are no obligations at all. If you’re there, I’m OrdinaryTime and I would love to have you say Hello.

Happy Monday to you all!


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