A Lot of Hot Air

This is one of the great Christmas presents I received from the Captain this year:

An air popper and organic popping corn! In our nearly 17 years of marriage, we’ve never owned a popcorn popper. When we do make popcorn, I typically use the stove, with a big aluminum soup pot and a few tablespoons of oil. Though I’ve tried a number of microwave popcorn types, I’ve just never found one that I thought tasted good, much less as good as air- or stove-popped.

But I’ve been changing several eating habits, and one of those is what I snack on. Popcorn can be great, but oil-popped defeats the purpose. So, I’ve been back to trying a few “low fat” microwave versions, which were all pretty nasty. I’d given it up – until now!

This gift was fun and meaningful to receive, especially with the Captain’s extra effort to find organic corn – a very sweet gesture on his part.

Interestingly, in the days before Christmas I’d been thinking about Katie’s post on Air-popped corn, and one of the things I’d had in my stocking were a set of recipes from the TFH Stocking-Stuffer Swap, which included a recipe for Candy Cane Popcorn. Then I opened this present from the Captain. Such fun!

And an air popper: So simple. Fill up cup with corn. Put in. Plug in. Wait 3 mins. EAT!!!  Right? Well, that’s how I thought it was going to work….

The power switch for the popper is the plug – if it’s in the socket, the popper’s on. I like that. I knew I wanted to take some pics for a post, so I spent two minutes cleaning the muffin batter and coffee-mug rings off the island before I got started. Then I positioned the popper and bowl across the island from the camera (on my new bendy tripod, a b-day present from the Captain – how lucky am I???), and plugged it in, ready for POPCORN!

As loudly as I remembered from The Air Popper of My Youth, the fan started blowing and the kernels started flying about like excited atoms in a smasher. I watched, open-mouthed, waiting for the first one to pop. I got all excited when something came flying out of the popper… but it was just a rogue kernel that had gone AWOL. I pinched it up to throw back, but OW! HOT! it burned my fingers so I decided it could stay put. I stepped back behind the camera again, knowing we had to be close…

Waiting… waiting… just one more moment for that first pop!, when suddenly BEEEEEP BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP the fire alarm in the kitchen went off, scaring me out of my skin.

When I could breathe again (this took a few seconds – first from being startled, then because I was laughing at being startled), I unplugged the popper and looked around for where to put it. On the kitchen table? No – no good background for taking pictures. On one of the other counters? No – they are all full of dirty dishes and other proofs of my poor housekeeping habits, plus none of them are large enough for the popper and the bowl.

Really, the perfect place was on the island. So, I decided to let ‘er ride and instead try to keep the hot air from setting off the alarm.

 I plugged it in again, at the other end of the island:


But this time armed and ready with a dishtowel (bright red, embroidered with a very hip Mr. Snowman who looked up to the task). Several seconds in, and there was no alarm… but neither was there popcorn. I waited, one eye on the alarm, one on the yellow plastic dome: which would win?

Just when I thought I might have escaped the heat detector, the beeps began again. A blink of an eye later, the first snowy-white puffs blew into the bowl while I stood under the alarm: right hand taking pictures, left hand held high over my head, with dishtowel crazily swinging rally-rag style to disperse the hot air. I looked like a crazywoman, but it worked!

It was a bit of a ‘do,’ but as I sit here typing, I am cramming in handfuls of some of the yummiest, buttery-est, sweetest popcorn I have had in a very long time.

Thanks, sweetheart.


3 thoughts on “A Lot of Hot Air

  1. Jean says:

    My husband, Syd, and I love good popcorn. Can you recommend some good kernels to purchase? Your picture had our mouths watering!!!

    • Shawn says:

      Who are these mysterious Jean and Syd persons?? :-> I LOVE seeing you here! Tom bought Arrowhead Mills, and it is delicious! I also have some that I simply bought from the grocery’s organic bulk bins, which was quite inexpensive and very yummy. Personally, though, I think the yumminess factor is proportional to the yumminess and amount of butter used. And there’s only one butter for me: Tillamook!!!

  2. Jean says:

    Thank you! I have already ordered some of the Arrowhead Mills to try it out!
    Tillamook butter a must, too!!! Fun to be seen here! I am enjoying your site very much! See you here again soon!

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