My sister’s birthday lies on one side of Christmas, mine on the other. So the few weeks from mid-December till New Year’s Day gets to feeling like one big festive celebration all the way through.

I offered to host Christmas dinner this year. It was just a small group of five, but it was still great fun to take special time and effort to decorate the house in different ways than I have in the past. We have sort-of drifted into two collections of decorations – woodland-themed and bright, jewel-colored glass. The two haven’t really seemed to fit together until this year, when I took each full tilt in separate rooms, and then married them a bit on the dining room table.

This wasn’t my original plan. I’d started with the hurricane you may recognize from Thanksgiving, and added the colors of glass ornaments that didn’t make it into the jeweled room:

Although it was pretty, I felt like it was really lacking something. I expected that the table setting would help, but it didn’t cut it. The solution: More Stuff. But what? Most everything I had was already out in the house, and I certainly wasn’t going to buy anything new for the tablescape.

Looking around, that’s when I realized that the rooms were pretty separate feeling in decoration. No big deal, but it was a perfect opportunity to pull them together. But rather than cannibalize my living room, which I was totally smitten with for the first time ever, I grabbed my pruning shears and a little basket, and headed outside to cut a few things.

Recognize the votives that were also on the Thanksgiving Day table? Here they’re filled with a few bits of floral foam. Then I found some wired ribbon from my saved stash and tied little aprons around each one so the foam and stem ends didn’t show. Each holds a sprig of Douglas Fir, baby holly (still poky!), cedar, euonymus, and boxwood. Then to each one I also added a florist’s pick of something or other from my ancient stash for a splash of Christmas red.

Perfect! Even better than I’d hoped!

Ahhh. SO much better. I’d also remembered a set of glass ornaments I have stashed away that had belonged to my dad. It had been several years since I’d used them… with the dogs (read: Benny), I don’t like to put out anything that I am not willing to part with forever. But it was several years even before his arrival since I’d had these glass ornaments as part of our celebrations. I felt like it was a nice piece of tradition to includethem again this year.

Here are a few other snaps from around the house:

(This was for our first bully, Jupe, and it doesn’t fit Benny at all, but I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to take it off him…)

As your holiday season draws to its final celebrations, I wish you joy, peace, and happiness in the New Year and throughout 2011. Blessings!


4 thoughts on “Festive

  1. Angela says:

    ooo I like all those pictures!! Love your peacock ornament– I got 2 for Christmas this year and I absolutely love them. I think peacocks are some of the neatest birds!

  2. Kelly says:

    Gasp! These are gorgeous!

  3. Katie Ann says:

    Yay for woodland decorations! So satisfying to bring a bit of the outdoors in. (And they smell good, too!)

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