Where’s that Compost Heap Jelly, huh?

Ok, ok. So, I’ve noticed on my blog “dashboard,” which provides stats and information about searches and link click-throughs, that more than one person has searched the term “compost heap jelly” in the past month or so.

Well, I need to ‘fess up. The compost heap jelly never made it to the canning phase.

I know! Shocker! But, after all that cooking up and cooking down of 30 lbs of apples in an afternoon, I was sort-of burned out on the whole thing, and put the pot of simmered juice in the fridge.

Unfortunately, there it stayed, nibbling away at the frayed edges of my consciousness, mocking me every time I opened the refrigerator door. (I mean, you can’t really ignore a ginormous white enameled, lidded pot taking up a good sixth of your available shelf space, can you? Believe me, I tried.) But, I’m pretty good at avoidance and so I let it sit.

It was some (several) weeks later when I bit the bullet and knew I had to clear out the fridge for Thanksgiving. Trying not to look at – or smell – the contents in case I was shamed even further, I dumped the whole thing on the compost pile where it’s gone to work a little more magic for me. At least I hope so, though I have no expectations after the shoddy way I treated it.

Benny says ‘why, momma? WHY??!?’ What did those peels evah do to you??

In an attempt to save myself in your eyes, here’s a rundown of what I did manage to can and preserve in 2010:

  • Pickled baby carrots, 15 pints (Jan)
  • Dilled asparagus, ~20 pints (May)
  • Strawberry jam, traditional 10 ½-pint jars, balsamic 8 ½-pint jars (June)
  • Sun-dried tomatoes, 6 ¼-pint jars for gifts, ~3 pints home use (Sept)
  • Basil pesto, 6 ½-cup jars (Sept)
  • Dehydrated mushrooms, fresh = 4.5 lbs (Sept)
  • Mixed pickled vegetables (jardinere), 8 pts (Sept)
  • Plum jelly, 9 ½-pint jars (Sept)
  • Blackberry jelly, 7 ½-pint jars (Sept)
  • Spiced apples, 11 pts (Oct)
  • Apple cider, 3 pints (Oct)

Lots of small batches, which fits our 2-person family just fine. Not bad for my second year of preserving. I think next year needs to be a bit more planful with the work more spread out. I’d like to put up more fruit, as well as start to can items that need pressure-canning, such as soups and stews. Onward!


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