On the needles

My goodness, knitting time has been scarce around here lately. I think part of the challenge has been that I am trying to finish a pair of socks, my first “toe-up” attempt, but I really don’t like the yarn, how the colorway played out, or the fact that the bizarro slubbiness of the singles resulted in the skein’s being about 75 yards short of the claimed yardage.

The problem started right at the beginning, when I innocently used my yarn meter to wind off what *should* have been half the yardage into one ball, and I intended to make a second ball with the remainder. A well-engineered sock yarn would have a colorway repeat that would break at approximately half-way through the yardage, but because of the above-mentioned issues, the second ball was all screwed up colorwise. In addition, the slubbiness resulted in one ball that was filled with thicker singles (in general) than the other, and to correct it I have been knitting the smaller-gauge sock more loosely. So, where I was expecting fraternal twin socks, I have third-cousins-once-removed socks.

Meh. I’ve been trying to power through, because they are warm and toasty and I don’t want to waste the wool, but I don’t like the color of the blue/green sock and basically can’t stand the sight of them… and as a result have a hard time wanting to work on them.

Finally I cut myself some slack and cast on for a sock pattern I’ve been wanting to get to for a while: Turkish Bed Socks from Churchmouse Yarns. It’s a darling little pattern, and is knitting up quickly. I am also getting the satisfaction of using a remainder of sock yarn dyed by Adrian of Hello Yarn, which I’d used most of to knit a pair of winter mitts for Ms. Katie Ann of Living Like Mary Jean.

It’s an easy pattern to start because you knit most of the ankle and heel sections flat. The pattern has you join the heel flap and ankle section using mattress stitch, but I hate finishing sewing, so I am trying a bit of a k2tog trick at the end of each row as I knit the heel bottom to see if I can avoid the sewing-up. So far, so good… I will report back.

(Love love love the magic of a turned heel, don’t you?)

What’s on your active craft list right now?


One thought on “On the needles

  1. MOM says:

    Just to let you know, I only completed one pair of socks in all my knitting years and they were for my father and I never saw him wear them. Maybe they turned out to be similar to your third cousins once removed.

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