First Snow

There is something special about the first snow of the season.

Where we live, there is an occaisional winter when it doesn’t snow; I think that has made me into a girl who gets excited when she sees even one solitary flake drifting down from the sky! But most years we see a little snowy magic at some point during the season, even if it might not be until about Valentine’s Day, when we *always* seem to get a snow – and this year the snow has come early. Hooray!

It’s been some years since I remember seeing flakes before Thanksgiving, and it feels so luxuriously “holiday” to see snow during Thanksgiving week. We had our first snow yesterday (Sunday) but it is snowing again this morning as I type this post. It feels so wonderfully Christmasy to sit here in my big picture window and type as I watch the flakes fall.

This morning’s snow is comprised of tiny flakes that come only with cold, dry weather here. They are not the typical snowflakes we see, which are usually wet and fat and fall heavily to the ground. Today’s snow is fine and light, floating and flitting in the air before it settles on the ground. In just a few moments-worth of snowfall, the ground is already covered with a fine sugar coating of seasonal beauty. I feel blessed to have time this year to watch the display, and even more so because I also have a steaming cup of coffee at my right hand, and one cute puppy at my feet while another does patrol around the property.

Blessings to you this Thanksgiving week, wherever you are!

Snow update early on Tuesday morning: 16 degrees F and blue skies, and a marshmellow landscape!


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