Been a bit light on the posts lately, more coming soon. In the meantime, here is CI’s Tuesday “Ridiculously Cute Puppy Picture.”

Bendito has a tendecy to collect one or more of his toys and use them as pillows when he takes his mid-morning nap. This pic of him snuggling his bone is just one rediculously cute example of his smile-inducing habit.

I hope you find your favorite bone or chew toy and have it close to you today! 🙂


2 thoughts on “RCPP

  1. Katie Ann says:

    Sooo cute, Shawn. What a snuggly-muffin! Does he curl up in the blanket by himself as well or did his mama help him?

    • Shawn says:

      I’m trying to remember for this one – usually he crashes on top of the blankie (another thing he piles up w/ his toys), and then I cover him with a loose corner when he’s snorfling into dreamland. He’s lucky he’s so cute when he’s asleep or (most days) he’d be out on the streetcorner tied to a bag of kibble and a sign that reads “FREE”. 😉

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