On “Bein’ reg’lar”

Hannah was out of humor because her week’s work was deranged, and prophesied that “ef the washin’ and ironin’ warn’t done reg’lar, nothin’ would go well anywheres”.       
                                                                 —Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

I’ll admit right now that my week’s work is often ‘deranged’. It is Contemporary Insanity around here, after all!

But Hannah, of course, was referring to the rhyme for women’s work for each day of the week:

Wash on Monday
Iron (Spin) on Tuesday
Sew on Wednesday
Market on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest (Church) on sunday

There are several versions of this, with spinning and church found often, and the chores for Friday and Saturday frequently swapped.

While many of these chores still apply in my life, some no longer do: I can’t remember the last time I ironed anything (Yay!!), and other than a bit of mending here and there, we don’t have to sew our own clothes and household drygoods. So, I wondered to myself today, what might a weekly chore rhyme look like for me if I wanted to stay as true as possible to the old way? Maybe like this:

Laundry on Monday
Errands on Tuesday
Yardwork on Wednesday
Shopping on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake & put up on Saturday
Church on Sunday

I am wondering if a list like this might be helpful for me. As I’m working from home now, I find that I do a smattering of things each day, all throughout the week. This is wonderful, but I have been wondering if I might benefit from more structure and consistency (neither of which are my natural strengths). I am thinking about trying this schedule for a while to see if it helps me feel as if I am completing more projects and work, rather than running on a constant hamsterwheel with things like laundry and keeping the house clean.

We are pretty flexible here at CI, so I am expecting to have weeks where this whole thing is blown out of the water because of big projects at home or for work. But that could also be good for me to know ahead of time and plan to get back to the pattern, because I have historically approached things in an ‘all or nothing’ way, and when the pattern is blown, then I make excuses such as ‘life is just too unpredictable’ and ‘I’m not leaving opportunity for Grace’ to slide back to my old ways. I am especially interested in hearing from you all on how you deal with this, if you have similar issues or experiences!

And what about a fun list, too? Because all work and no play makes me a very grumpy girl:

Knit on Monday
Correspond on Tuesay
Learn on Wednesday
Quilt on Thursday
Date Night on Friday (WOOT!)
Spin on Saturday
Sew on Sunday

I am much less sure of this list (that I could stick to it, not the activities!); I tend to work on projects in neck-or-nothing waves. But the flip side of that tendency means that it might be months between doing things I love. For example, I haven’t spun in about 8 months, and though I miss it dearly, I can’t ever seem to get to it.

So, maybe I’ll give the ‘days of the week’ method a shot for crafting, too. I know that I currently waste an hour or more each day on Internet surfing and navel-gazing, and I would feel so much better if I spent those hours doing the things on my craft list.

I’d love to hear from you: Do you generally try to keep to a chore or craft schedule? If so, what is it and how are you successful (or not so successful), and what do you to to stay on it or return to it? Let’s hear it!



2 thoughts on “On “Bein’ reg’lar”

  1. I try to schedule, but it usually becomes fairly useless. I fall into routines, which is helpful, but when I actively try to schedule, this inner rebellious child comes out and kicks down all my plans. But then again, I’m convinced I’ll never really be an adult. 😛

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