Blustery days

A big part of this CI lifestyle is moving in tandem with the seasons and taking time to enjoy nature and people and many other things as they come.

That said, I can’t help feeling that November has arrived a week early!

The past days have been dark, wet, and blustery. All of these bits of cedar have been blown off the trees by gusty winds during just the past 30 hours.

While I am sorry to lose the sun of our late summer, there is something exciting in the coming darkness and all of the wonderful things it hints at – evenings by the fire, cold and grey afternoons spent knitting cozily, spicy baked things filling the house with their aroma, and excuses to light candles and hang twinkling lights to help bring warmth and cheer to dark corners.

Here at home we are all feeling a bit sleepy from the darkness and weather. Me, the Captain, and the boys… everyone is feeling that ancient nudge to pull the last bits of fluffy things into our sleeping places and then get ready for a long winter’s nap. I feel that this bit from The Wind in the Willows describes it well:

‘Where’s Mr Badger?’ inquired the Mole, as he warmed the coffee-pot before the fire.

‘The master’s gone into his study, sir,’ replied the hedgehog, ‘and he said as how he was going to be particular busy this morning, on no account was he to be disturbed.’

This explanation, of course, was thoroughly understood by everyone present. The fact is, as already set forth, when you live a life of intense activity for six months in the year, and of comparative or actual somnolence for the other six, during the latter period you cannot be continually pleading sleepiness when there are people about and things to be done. The excuse gets monotonous. The animals well knew that Badger, having eaten a hearty breakfast, had retired to his study and had settled himself in an arm-chair, with his legs up in another and a red cotton handkerchief over his face, and was being ‘busy’ in the usual way at this time of year.

Blessings on your blustery days, and may you find many opportunities to be “particular busy” in the coming weeks!





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