Doin’ Up Some Apples

I bought a box of Granny Smith apples from YFM late last week, and they’d been sitting around far too long waiting for me to process them.

Yesterday I put a pretty good hurt on that boxful:

  • 11 pts Spiced Apples from Well Preserved
  • 3 pts apple juice pressed from the spiced apple recipe and processed according to a mish-mash of instructions from here and there.
  • A big bowl o’ peels and cores, which I have cooked down and am currently draining to make into apple jelly, using the Compost Heap Jelly recipe from the River Cottage Preserves book. (I am guessing I’ll have 4-5 half-pints, which is pretty awesome considering that at first I was just going to throw all that on the compost pile. Now I’ll have jelly, and I’ll be throwing out less. That’s pretty cool!)

 OK, getting started: Apples – check. Brand new apple peeler (which I love!) – check. Draining bowl – check. All right, let’s GO!

Love my new peeler. I peeled about 18lbs of apples in less than 10 minutes. Wow.

Look at all those apples! Next, I ran them through the food processor to grate them, and drained them in the colander (which I’d lined with a flour-sack tea towel). I drained off quite a bit of juice, which I decided to save and can. I made a syrup of unbleached cane sugar, water, and spice, and cooked the grated apple for about 5 minutes before hot-packing into pint jars. YUM.

Here’s the apple juice that dripped off the grated apples – just enough for 3 pints of juice.

The final tally of apple goodness from yesterday: 11 pts spiced apples, 3 pts juice.

And I had this big bowl of peels and cores left over, which I’d originally planned to compost. But then I remembered that one of my books had something like an “apple peel jelly”, which turned out to be “Compost Heap Jelly” (even better!) from the River Cottage Preserves book.

So I cooked that all down in enough water to cover and dumped it in a jelly bag, where it is currently draining and waiting for the next step to become jelly!


What are you preserving and putting up these days? I’d love to hear about it.




4 thoughts on “Doin’ Up Some Apples

  1. Kathie says:

    Look at all that beautiful yumminess!

    • Shawn says:

      I smiled a big smile when I saw you were doing the same thing over the weekend. It’s that time of year, for sure!

  2. Katie Ann says:

    Wow, I can practically taste the yummies! Very nice photos of the process, too. And your new peeler looks awesome!

    We only got one box of apples this year (long story) but your post just might inspire me to do a small batch of something new–like the spiced apples. (Still have lots of apple pie filling, applesauce, and apple butter from last year. My sweetie isn’t one for sweets and I can only eat so much!)

    I haven’t done much putting up this year. Mostly just soups/stews so far.

    We did a double-batch of smoked carrot bisque a couple of weeks ago (had to use up the rest of the carrots, you know) and that turned out pretty well. I’ve never smoked veggies before. If you try it, only smoke it about half as long as it says and use less (or lower-sodium) stock (make up the difference with water). Ours ended up a little too smokey and salty for my liking. Still tasty though! Got 16 quarts of soup out of it. And it smells great!

    Next on the list is veggy-tomato sauce (final batch of tomatoes picked earlier this week) and something with roasted acorn squash. Not sure what yet.

    Ever smoke veggies? I’m wondering how smoked potatoes would be (or smoked potato chowder?)

    • Shawn says:

      Katie! The smoked veg sounds great. I haven’t tried that, but it sounds incredible. I am guessing potatoes and onions would both taste amazing. Did you try it yet?

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