Autumn Pumpkins

I love pumpkins a whole big lot.

I love having them around all throughout the autumn, and I love carving silly faces on them for Halloween. They are one of my favorite things about autumn, and if you’ve been reading some of these posts, you know that I kind-of have a thing for this time of year. So this basically means that:

pumpkinlove = (AWESOME + wOOt!) * infinity

And that’s a LOT of pumpkin love.

We don’t have a great place to grow pumpkins right now; there just isn’t enough sun anywhere to really get them what they need. But as you may have seen from some of the previous posts, we are working on that! I am hoping that in the next few years we have a great location with beautiful dirt for them to grow in. I am also hoping that my pumpkin picture for that year shows about 20 pumpkins. 🙂

What things about this time of year do you love with a great big crazy love?


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