Busy Times!

Wow – has it been busy and fun around here lately! I looked for the camera this morning to pull off pictures for a post and a few drafts, but I couldn’t find it and I think that is because the Captain took it with him today because the CANVAS is FINISHED! And he’s going to Big River tonight to get her safely protected under a square acre of electric blue canvas.

Boat Canvas

After I don’t know how many months, both the sail cover and binnacle cover are finally complete. The sail cover was one complex creation, indeed. Not only was everything form fit, but we had to work with fabric widths narrower than the total measurements so there was some piecing. Then, after the main form was complete, we needed to add fasteners (a zipper and industrial velcro), leather patches where lines and block would rub, and the near-killer: waterproof vinyl liner up the full backbone of the cover, and under most of the section that wraps the mast.

Somewhere in the process of piecing that liner together, offsetting seams to preserve waterproofing, and fitting and sewing it to the main form, we just about lost our minds. The form is more than 17′ long, and about  65″ high at its tallest point. Using my intrepid Bernina 153 and the dining room table, we made it work! But… because of the weight of all that canvas and vinyl, the sheer size of the thing crammed under the tiny arm opening of my machine, and the fact that some massive chunk of the whole thing was slipping off the table at any given point, the final work definitely became a two-person job! Yowza.

We put in the last stitch Wednesday night, and would have celebrated with cannons and whiskey, but we were too beat! Instead, I celebrated by completing the entire binnacle cover yesterday and now those big pieces are off my mind and on the boat! Whew!

(Read the first part of this adventure here.)

In the Kitchen

Yesterday included a huge pot of soup to celebrate the season, and now that the canvas is done, there will be some serious baking and canning over the next few weeks. Get ready!


Working on the woodpile with a little help from my friends. That is some fun right there!

Pictures to come soon on everything above. In the meantime, have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Blessings to you all!


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