Moss Hugger

I ♥ moss.

(click to enlarge any of the photos in this post)

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, and I love it here. Yes, the winters can be 9 months of wet, grey weather. But we also have verdant, emerald beauty like nowhere else. And a beautiful, sunny day here is prettier than just about anywhere else I’ve been.

One of the many ways can tell that I’ve lost my heart in an irrational way to this wet and temperate place: I find moss to be incredibly beautiful. These pictures were all taken from my yard, and I love that I have so many types of moss growing here. (Though T may feel differently….)

Can’t get enough? Of course you can’t! Check out some of the links below


One thought on “Moss Hugger

  1. MOM says:

    Maybe we should have a competition to see who has the most varieties of moss, I think I might be able to come close to matching you. Love, M

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