Creature Comforts

We always see lots of creatures whenever we are out boating. This trip was no different, and we saw a few new things to add to the fun: an otter, and lots and lots of doggie-type friends for Benny.

What we saw:

  • Benny – everywhere
  • Dragonfly – Roche Harbor
  • Dungeness crab – Victoria Harbor
  • English bulldog (Darling) – Wharf St., Victoria
  • Great Blue Heron – Montague Harbor
  • Harbor seals – where didn’t we see these?? But there were lots sunning themselves on the spit at Mystery Bay
  • Orcas – mainly in the waters right on the border between US and Canada
  • Mama Otter – Victoria Harbor
  • Prenzlows – fewer places than Benny
  • Sea Lions – Mystery Bay, outside Everett Marina

Some pictures are below, click to see a larger version. I find it interesting that there were more pictures of Benny from the trip than of everything else put together. I’m not sure if that means we had an uneventful trip, or whether he really is that charming. (Please don’t answer that.  Please.)

Benny L-O-V-E-S to watch the water, whether we are on the anchor or underway.

He also loves to watch us through the hatch slide. I think he feels pretty cool whenever he can look down on us.

Orcas! There was a baby/juvenile in this pod who was playing and breeching the whole time we watched them. I never did get a picture or video of it, but it was so much fun to watch. You could hear cheers from the other boats float across the water every time he jumped.

Harbor seals and sea lions sunning themselves on the spit at Mystery Bay. There were so many! And lots of babies, too, in the water and on the beach.

Such a great trip. I wish I had pictures of everything we saw, but I just wasn’t quick enough with the camera!

Coming soon: Scenes from a Boat


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