What sock yarn obsession?

ShiBui Staccato Sock, colorway "50s Kitchen"; superwash merino, silk, and nylon; Knit-Purl, PDX


Considering how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE yarn, it’s a little hard for me to believe that I haven’t had a post yet about this most wonderful of fibery things! 

Compared with most knitters I know, I have a microscopic stash (the term we use for the yarn we fall in love with, either with or without a pattern in mind, which somehow falls into our baskets and finds its way home with us). All the yarn I have fits into one half of one storage cabinet (granted, that cabinet is 6ft tall and 4ft wide, but still…); nothing close to the boxes and bins and closets-full and bags of yarn that some of my favorite yarn bloggers ‘fess up to owning. 

A goodly portion of the “fancy” sock yarn in my stash: 

Noro silk garden sock? Can NOT get enough. Trekking XXL and now the new Maxima? Hummina! And the hand-dyed custom sock yarn? Yummy.


Regarding stash: I like having a bit o’ yarn around and like the size I have right now. Big enough to inspire and work from, small enough to add to and not induce too much guilt. However, it is very likely that I already own more sock yarn than I will ever knit in my lifetime (since I’m a bit slow completing projects; I LOVE to knit, but don’t knit very often). I will admit that, like many knitters, sock yarn is both my passion and my downfall. I love the gauge of it; I love the colors and the feel and the variety; I love the way it looks when I knit up something with the fingering-weight yarn used for socks. 

I knew I was in Really Big Trouble (note caps) the day I found out our local Ben Franklin store was carrying Noro Silk Garden Sock. Hoo boy. Don't tell T.


Honestly, there just isn’t that much that I don’t deeply enjoy about the whole thing. Sock yarn! Yay!


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