Groceries – half off!

 One of the things I have wanted to do better on is using coupons and buying intelligently when things go on sale. When I was working, etc., time was such a precious commodity that I didn’t want to spare any for looking at sale flyers or clipping (…and remembering…and using) coupons.

This weekend I took about an hour to look through the sales ads for the grocery stores where I usually shop. QFC in particular is having some incredible sales right now (through tomorrow), on normal food that we really eat around here at the Prenzlow homestead. So, I decided to make a very specific list of things to get that were on sale, and go do some very serious stocking up.

Now, please do not think that this is my regular MO. In fact, I have only done shopping trips like this a few times, but I was so amazed at how much I saved – 49% –  that I wanted to share.

What I got:

What Quantity Price Savings from std price
Kroger canned green beans Case (24) $0.50 / can $12 (50%)
Kroger canned kernel corn Case (24) $0.50 / can $12 (50%)
Kroger canned peas Case (24) $0.50 / can $12 (50%)
Draper Valley (WA) chicken split breasts
(no antibs, no animal by-products, etc. etc.)
4 pkgs Buy 1 get one free = $1.40 / lb $10.44 (47%)
Valley Fresh canned chicken breast (in water) 12 $1.00 / can
(= $3.20 /lb for cooked chicken breast!)
$20.28 (85%!!!!)
Wesson canola oil, 48oz 4 – 48oz $2.49 ea $16 (80%!!!!)
Best foods light mayo 2 $2.99 $0.90 (15%)
Darigold butter
(could have saved money buying Kroger brand @$2/lb, but I’m picky about my dairy and want it local)
2 $3.99 $2 (13%)
Organic WA blackberries 1/3 flat (4 dry pts) $6.99 $3 (22%)
Sugar snap peas, fresh 1 pkg $2 $1.49 (37%)
Total spent v. saved   $88.99 $87.01 (49%)

 DUDES! Those are some serious deals, and as you can see from the list, it is all real food that we will actually eat.

Now, I totally get that some of these things, esp. the canned vegetables, are not as preservative-free as I typically prefer. But, I’ll take them as back ups in case we ever have another 13-day power outage. 😉


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