The Road to Autumn

Weeks ago, the weather began to change. Though a day might be warm, mornings and evenings cooled so much more quickly than in the heat of July. And the light, too, started to gain a different quality: golden and viscous and sparkly instead of only bright and harshly hot.

Smells outside were different too. July smells like heat and fresh fruit and crispy green things. Autumn, as it ambles in, smells of baked apples and drying hay; honey-sweet flowers and just the tiniest bit of leaf mould as the first maple leaves begin to fall… not yet from the change in weather, but because of too much heat and too little wet. Not yet…

But still, as they drift down silently, they speak volumes in their own way of what is soon to come.

The passing of Labor Day doesn’t have any direct impact on meteorological weather, of course, but once that day has passed, we always seem to truly be on the Road to Autumn.

Welcome, Autumn!


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